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It's time to move forward...

There is a scene in a movie that is so profound, that all these years later, I still refer to it when I speak to similar situations. The movie is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. In this action charged portion of the movie, we find Indy rushing into a cave system, riddled with puzzles, in search of the Holy Grail so he can save his father… who was shot by the protagonist to give Indiana the motive to finish this particular quest.

As Indy solves each puzzle, pushing him closer to the coveted grail, Indy comes to a ravine. As he skids to a stop, pebbles on the floor shoot out from his feet, and plummet to the depths below. The path continues on the other side, taunting him. He opens his note book and reads the clue, asking the believer to take a step of faith. The clock ticking, Indy must make a decision.

If you’ve seen any of those movies, you know how they end. But the decision in that movie is very much real. And it is one I have been facing for over twenty years. Fear has kept me from taking the step, locked in place, uncertain of what if anything will catch my foot as my weight shifts from my rear to forward facing foot. Fear has kept me stuck in this same spot, I’m ashamed to say, for a very long time.

Over those years I’ve coached over a hundred people, encouraging them to take the same step that has me frozen in fear. Coaching those to do what I cannot. And each time I’ve watched them take that step, and each time I’ve seen the results play into their favor. I knew they’d be fine, I could see the path appear before them as the weight shifted.

So, you may be asking… why am I not taking that step? I’ve accumulated a lot of excuses over the years. Each of them justify my reason for not moving, but not of them have eased the pain and frustration I feel from simply not moving.

That changes today. I can stand still no longer, and this post onto my website, is the weight shifting off that back foot and moving the other foot forward. The time has come for me to move forward, no regrets.

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