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Your Awakening is a completely unique course for you, and your journey.  Together we will help you discover your path, avoid common pitfalls, and help you find success much faster than if you were doing this on your own.


This program will not only help you identify the items that are holding you back from your goals, dreams and aspirations, but we will work together to foster a path of growth and learning.   Over the course of our 8-weeks together, I will teach you about your 'waking up' and explain to you the whats and whys of this process.  Together, we will identify one of your unique gifts and, together, we will work to make that stronger.


Course Details:


  • 8 Weeks

  • 2 Energy readings (one at the start and one at the conclusion) - these typically last about an hour.

  • 6 1-hour sessions to work on your ‘gifts / talents / abilities’ (typically this is done via Skype or Zoom, but exceptions can be made)

  • E-mail access to me to span the gaps between sessions.


This course is completely customized to your individual needs and goals.


Prior to payment being received, I would ask that you contact me to ensure you are truly ready for this journey.  Once you have a better understanding of the process, and you are comfortable with it, once payment is received we will begin.


Change is a process and it requires a commitment. Let me help you create change in your life.


This service is by appointment only, please contact us for availability. Once a time has been established, an invoice will be sent to collect payment.



*To assist with avoiding the exchange rate between currencies we, also, accept payments in Crypto Currency. Contact us for more information.



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