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Hear what people are saying about Ask the intuitive coach

Heath’s intuitive wisdom and healing work has created powerful clarity, peace and joy in my life! His coaching has deepened my own spiritual connection to not only guidance, but those around me. I am beyond grateful for the profound impact he has had on my life, my business and my family.

Linda, Finding Your Inner Guide | 12-week Intensive Training Client 

Heath and I had a great connection from get-go as he is a natural and open soul that allows for easy interactions and trust.  He has worked with me through steps in my life both challenges and light paths to show a line for my directions and options for my cycles of life.

Nathen, Multiple Services Client 

When I got the opportunity to receive one of Heath’s readings it was very eye opening. I was very surprised at the accuracy of what he was saying that was currently happening in my life. I was given instructions to get connected to the earth, put my feet in the grass and join myself with the nature. After listening to Heath he was able to draw in a stronger connection to what was to come for me. When the time came to hear what was intended it all came together as if missing pieces were falling into my lap. Heath was able to make a real connection, it was almost as if he had early access pass to my future.

Dehvan, Snapshot Look | Single Reading

Heath's ability to awaken my unique touch points with the universe has created the most joyful, impactful, and exciting ripples in my life journey. I have never felt more in touch with the universe, myself, and others. I am eternally grateful for the guidance and patience Heath has shown through this course.

Jessica, Finding Your Inner Guide | 12-week Intensive Training Client

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